danah boyd: "Accountability without transformation is simply spectacle... [Change] requires everyone to hold each other accountable, but also to aim for reconciliation not simply retribution." medium.com/@zephoria/facing-th

(Link CW: mention of abuse)

It is now commonplace to disguise human labour as automation. This essay suggests a term for that: fauxtomation.

The Automation Charade - logicmag.io/failure/the-automa

“The phrase ‘robots are taking our jobs’ gives technology agency it doesn’t (yet?) possess, whereas ‘capitalists are making targeted investments in robots designed to weaken and replace human workers so they can get even richer’ is less catchy but more accurate.” This is a good read.


My weather app tells me it's clear outside, but I can hear rain falling.

Apple and Google have an effective duopoly on smartphones. That wouldn't be such a big problem if both of them weren't so terrible. This is the same Foxconn whose previous solution to constant worker suicides was safety nets.


regex crash course! 

@krinnen That's 3 hours more than our total play time, but we still take around 30 mins for chatting.

In extremely late stage capitalism/HellWorld areas: you can pay extra on this plane to watch linkedin videos

@tennoseremel Probably depends on the crowd. At least they are very persistent.

September Annual General Meeting

As per the rules of the Federated Networks Association ry, we invite members to our second Annual General Meeting of 2019. Due to waiting for the Finnish Patent and Registration Office to clear an exemption for our committee role shifts, this meeting is a bit late of schedule. Still, welcome to discuss and have a say on things related to #Feneas. The meeting agenda is underneath.
Note! Anyone is welcome to join the meeting. Only Feneas members however have voting rights for decisions made.
More details: talk.feneas.org/t/invitation-f friendica.feneas.org/display/7

@thomasfuchs So maybe the real social harm from video games is multiple generations of brogrammers.

@map Yeah, stick it to the collectivist identitarian left by adopting a shared collective identity!

And on the pedestal, these words appear:


Just a month ago I was struggling with feeling like I need to soon replace my phone, because it's falling apart. Now @Fairphone released a new model and they will also recycle the previous one. Perfect timing.

Just landed, some new Feneas stickers!! 🚀

Come find me and get them at FOSDEM 2020 😃

Huge thank you to @lightone for the designing 🙏

#feneas #stickers #FOSDEM

@darius You can find the statue by looking for the biggest group of tourists. It's somewhere behind them, out of sight.

Considering how much time I spend cursing at computers, you'd think that I'd already learnt not to use them.

Apparently the fans in my computer case have died for some reason and I hate computers.

I updated my server and now the Nextcloud user interface won't load. Syncing still works. I think I will call this a partial win and hope that it fixes itself.

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