Apparently DigitalOcean has a known problem where your console just turns on the capslock, regardless of its status on your computer. Makes for example typing passwords great fun.

@mastohost When would you be able to say whether you support it and when would you offer hosting it? I'm thinking of starting a new instance, would like it to be Hometown and wouldn't mind paying you to host it.

I no longer have verifications for my Mastodon accounts on my website (because of changing the template), but apparently Mastodon only checks them when the links change, so they still appear verified.

A statement on today's social media summit, and how my code is being used to spread white supremacy.

This is a fascinating essay about how black metal is sublime in the style of the Romantic tradition.

vim tips: motion keys 

Just replaced the screen module on my . 10 minutes, no tools, full replacement.

De-googlizing Android 

We're going to phase out our Casual plan for new users next month, as we move towards a focus on our apps and helping more #WriteFreely instances get started.

Read more on @intheopen:

@ville Ymmärrän logiikan, mutta tässä vuosien saatossa on alkanut säätäminen tökkiä sen verran, että haluaisin paljon käyttämieni asioiden (kuten puhelimen) olevan sellaisia, että säätäminen on vapaaehtoista, ei pakollista.

Sen takia wikit ja DIY-videot eivät riitä, koska haluaisin sen sijaan puhelimen vain toimivan. Sen suhteen /e/ vaikuttaa Libremiä lupaavammalta.

lol, they sell pre-made yards in case you're building a set or want to put on airs of intellectualism

@Stoori Eeltä voi tilata valmiiksi asennettuja käytettyjä. Ehkä tämä on jo jatkuva palvelu siinä vaiheessa, kun sinun on viimein pakko vaihtaa puhelinta.

Hey now, you're a big shot, you think you're so big
Well I'm Ozymandias and look what *I* did

All that's left there is sand
Only shooting stars light the land

Somebody once told me
There's a statue in the Gobi
That's mostly gone from over the knees
Visage lying in the sand
With a sneer of cold command
Cuz the sculptor knew how to please

Well the years start coming and they don't stop coming
Empires falling and statues crumbling
Check out the words he left behind
On the statue in the desert that nobody can find:

Answering "Surely you could just not use the major surveillance capitalism sites and services that evade your consent then?"

No, really, you cannot.

FB maintains shadow profles, even for nonusers.

Google tracks virtually all Web traffic. And most email.

Amazon backs or provisions a tremendous amount on online sevices.

#privacy #surveillanceCapitalism #regulationRequired


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