I had a digital book borrowed from the library. I was running out of time, so I tried to renew my loan, but couldn't, because all the copies were loaned. Instead, I put the book on hold.

Today, I ran out of time and the book was automatically returned. To my surprise, it renewed instantly. I think I couldn't renew my loan because I had borrowed the book and therefore it wasn't available.

@jonne There might also be other people who were in line when you tried to renew, who received their copies in the interim, if the library is licensed to have multiple copies.

If it gave you that error when you had the only copy and were the only person waiting for it, then that would be some sort of bug, since it would make renewing almost impossible.

@nickwedig I realize my error: "today" makes it seem there was a time in between, when actually all this happened today. But you could still be describing what happened, if by chance it happened really fast.

@jonne Yeah, less likely to be like I said, then. (Still possible but improbable.)

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