Public service announcement: anything after ? in an URL is probably an ad tracker and can be safely left out when sharing the web page. Not sure? Try loading the page without it. If the page works, you didn't need it.

@jonne this is,, kind of a broad assumption? idk, there's still things like phpbb out there that absolutely rely on query parameters to work properly

any query param that starts with utm_ is evil tho, destroy those

@jonne all this"frictionless" sharing makes this kind of hygiene too hard for too many (often including myself...). It's a key practice, though.

@jonne There is a Firefox addon (I don't know if it's available for other browsers) that removes these tracking strings from URLs.. might be helpful? :)

@jonne Some PHP-based CMS put page names after ?


One thing you can easily delete is anything that starts with "/?utm" -- they are definitely trackers for analytic purposes.

@jonne -- that's not an ad tracker, it goes to the "latest quotes" page. Without ?latest it just lands on the main page, without the ? it 404s.

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