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I'm not sure if I'll ever use these, but I now have PGP keys for all my emails.

- ( 7276 F01E 8B82 665C
- ( 5628 FC2F 4DEC 14FD

They are published on

After years of insisting that DRM in HTML wouldn't block open source implementations, Google says it won't support open source implementations

#DRM #EME #Google

technocapitalists trying to solve the social and environmental catastrophes caused by technocapitalism through the judicious application of technocapitalism.

thought experiment: a cat is in a box containing decaying nuclear material and poison gas. the box is on some trolley tracks. as the trolley approaches the box, it has all its parts systematically replaced so that no original part remains by the time it strikes the box. inside the trolley is a man receiving instructions on levers to pull in Chinese. do you take the money?

alias yolo='apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade -f -y'

when encountering work which is not shaped the way we expect a game to be shaped, it is natural to be confused or challenged.

however, saying "this isn't a real game" is gatekeeping, it is dismissive of the creators, and it is ahistorical.

I wrote something about the installation at Kiasma that was part of ARS17, now two years ago.

Apparently I had the wrong type of parenthesis somewhere. Glad I found that out after hours of tracing the problem.

The extremely convoluted and very fragile build system for my website has failed and I think I will just delete the whole site instead of investigating why. Burn the computer and get a new one just in case.

Twitter and Facebook, circa 2010, gave us exactly what I thought I wanted that the 2000s blog era wasn't giving me: a way for anyone anywhere to comment on anyone else's post stream. Just link it all together into a big global heap.

(they didn't give me search tools or persistence, though)

But now it turns out I guess I don't want that after all. I don't know what I want! But not that.

Sure, other text editors can be great, but do they have the power of 100 lemons?

Our Night's Black Agents campaign Dracula Unredacted has now lasted for 33 sessions of active playing – and I think were still somewhere in the middle. I wrote about my impressions after playing Zalozhniy Quartet. It was one of the best campaigns I've run. This one is very different, with much less structure. There's a lot of potential here, but you must work more to reach it.


Cursed Object: Many Programs Use Those Entire Resources

This is the web API I use for retrieving online content while at sea. It's pretty cool.

This Microsoft leak is hardly a news in the toxic world of tech but it's most troubling, nevertheless. All the support to people coming out with this stuff.

tl;dr Ride-sharing is an awful business in every way, unless you are one of the owners getting rich.

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